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Printing & Digital Services

Scanning, processing and exhibition-quality printing up to A2 size, using Epson Ultrachrome K3 inks and archival papers.

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Print Sales

All the images on this site are available for sale, some at up to A2 size (panoramas are printed up to about 950mm long). Images can be seen in the Exhibitions and Greeting Cards sections.

Numbered Edition Unframed Pigment Prints on Archival Paper

Paper Size Image Size Price (NZ$)
A5 (148 210mm) 100 x 150mm $ 60.00
A5 (148 210mm) 120 x 180mm $ 75.00
A4 (210 297mm) 180 x 270mm $150.00
A3 (297 420mm) 254 x 382mm (10 x 15") $220.00
A3+ (329 x 483mm) 290 x 436mm (11.5 x 17" approx) $250.00
A2 (420 594mm) 400 x 400mm $300.00
A2 (420 594mm) 368 x 554mm $320.00
330 x 620mm <285 x <570mm $280.00
330 x 762mm <285 x <712mm $300.00
330 x <950mm <285 x <900mm $340.00
  • Prints are on archival fibre-based satin, cotton rag matt or alpha cellulose matt paper.
  • There is no GST charge because of the small scale of my business.
  • Prices are subject to change.

Greeting Cards

The photos on this web site are available as greeting cards as well as prints. The cards are photo quality, printed with pigment inks and are sleeved, with C6 recycled-paper envelopes included. There are currently only two retail outlets.

Because the cards are not mass-produced, they are not as cheap as many mass-produced cards on the market; but the images are exclusive, the materials are of higher quality and fade resistance is much better. They are, in effect, small exhibition-quality prints.

The cards are printed on A5 sized paper (making an A6 card when folded).


Files are made available on the downloads page, for clients' use. Files that are left on this page are not commercially sensitive, so are available for viewing at print resolution.

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