Leigh ... by night poster

Media Release

Richard Smallfield, a photographer from Leigh, is holding his third solo exhibition, entitled Leigh ... by night, at the Leigh Sawmill Café, opening at 5:30pm on Thursday December 17 and running until Sunday January 17 (except for 21-26 December, when the venue will be closed).

The exhibition will consist of a series of black and white photos of Leigh at night, revealing aspects of the coastal village that people do not usually stop to look at - such as the bread delivery at dawn, the floodlit buildings of the Leigh Fisheries, and the Leigh Wharf which seemingly teeters on the edge of a black abyss.

Richard seeks to observe and document his locality from uncommon viewpoints.

Artist's Statement

At night, things look different; but we don't usually stop and stare, as we are more interested in reaching our destinations.

My purpose is to document today's local environment as a record for the future. These photos live for the day when the locations have changed, making it impossible to take the same photos again - the day when all that remains is a photo and a memory.

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