Group Statement

[v]erge brings together works from three photographers: Hamish Macdonald, Richard Smallfield and Jenny Tomlin. Each is working within their regional environments, their shared concern being with commonplace subjects. The physical place is less important in Macdonald and Tomlin's work, rather evoking poetry or a state of mind. Smallfield's is a documentary, yet personal take on country back roads, reflecting the fact that this type of landscape is fast disappearing.

[v]erge hovers around the interaction of their different approaches, forming a cohesive body of work – rather than a literal road's edge.

We would like to thank Satellite Gallery and also Heron's Flight for their generous wine sponsorship for this exhibition.

Richard Smallfield Artist Statement

Gone Tomorrow

Our rural environment is changing: subdivisions are springing up, villages are being redeveloped and roads are being sealed.

My main photographic project in recent years has been to capture the changing roads of my area around Leigh.

I am looking at the places we rush past en route to daily destinations, and documenting my surroundings as they change - for one day, many of these scenes will exist only in memory.

The photos in this series are all in a square, black and white format. I chose this format because it echoes the work of earlier photographers and scenes like these will also pass into history.

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